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07 July 2024

The Art of Building Repeatable Systems and Playbooks

If you want to scale your business and spend more time on the things you love (and less on the things you don't), then building repeatable systems and playbooks is essential.


This week I focus on the 3xD framework - Do, Document, and Delegate - the same processes that guided me to double my own sales efficiency using VAs and playbooks.


By implementing this framework, you can streamline your operations, increase productivity, and gain more leverage for your time - can I get an amen!?


The Opportunity


By building repeatable systems, you can free up your time and focus on strategic aspects of your business. You can ensure consistency, improve efficiency, and empower others to handle specific tasks with well-documented playbooks.


Sound easier said than done?


Well, let's dive into the steps of the 3D framework and discover precisely how to create and delegate effective playbooks.


The 3D Framework: Do, Document, and Delegate


Step 1Do


The first step in building a repeatable system is to immerse yourself in the process by doing it yourself (sorry, there is no way around this one, folks.) Get involved and understand the nuances, of the process.


Spend time experimenting, iterating, and identifying what works and what doesn't. This hands-on experience will provide invaluable insights for the next steps.


Step 2Document


Once you have a solid grasp of the process, it's time to document it. Using tools like Google Docs or Notion, create a document outlining the three to five high-level steps required to execute the task.

Remember to keep the documentation concise, as people often skim through playbooks. The goal is to provide a clear roadmap for anyone who needs to perform the task in the future. If you’ve read this far, we’ll give you my EA Playbook Template; just click here so you can see what I'm talking about and even make a copy.


While written documentation is needed, I find that recording a video of yourself performing the task adds another layer of clarity. Screen sharing your actions while explaining the details allows others to visualize the process better. This video can serve as a reference guide for anyone learning the playbook, enabling them to follow the steps accurately.


Step 3Delegate


Continuing with the delegation aspect, the final step is to find the right person to run the playbook. Look for someone with the skills and mindset necessary to execute the task effectively. As the manager, your role now shifts to providing guidance, support, and training to the person handling the playbook. Empowering others can multiply your productivity and focus on higher-level responsibilities.


The Debrief


Building repeatable systems and playbooks is a strategic move towards scalability and efficiency in your business. By immersing yourself in the tasks, documenting the steps, and delegating responsibilities, you can free up your time, empower your team, and achieve tremendous success.


My hope is that by using the 3D’s framework - Do, Document, and Delegate - you will give you a clear roadmap to help you streamline your processes and gain more leverage in your business.


Now go forth and build playbooks, my friends!



PS: If you want to watch my video on the 3D's you find it on my my channel TikTok here →



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