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01 January 2024

My Sales Journey

I've been an entrepreneur since 2004, but in 2017 I set out on an ambitious venture, to turn my home care consultancy into a software solution, named "CarePro." Like many early-stage SaaS entrepreneurs, my journey was riddled with classic pitfalls. I over-engineered the platform, didn't focus on pre-sales, and missed crucial feedback that was essential for creating a thriving software business. During this trial and error period, I connected with Dan Martell, an up-and-coming YouTuber who at the time had a small following (which has since grown large). Dan's insights were a revelation, and I soon found myself enrolled in his SaaS coaching program.

As an ADHD entrepreneur, my focus became laser-sharp, as I was driven to master the complexities of scaling a software company. My dedication was soon put to the test when Dan announced that he had an open position for a sales rep. On a whim, I applied, and after a series of conversations, I was on board as Dan's first full-time sales rep.


At the time, SaaS Academy was experiencing a sales dip, having not closed a new deal in a couple of months. Yet, something clicked when I joined the team. Perhaps it was my work ethic or my unwavering belief in Dan's approach, but with minimal formal sales training, I began clinching deals in my very first month. Within my second month, I replaced Dan on sales calls, becoming the face of SaaS Academy sales for many of our early clients. Over the next three and a half years, I immersed myself in the world of sales and marketing interacting with some of the most brilliant minds in the software industry.

My journey led me to extraordinary milestones: personally generating over $11 million in sales, ascending to Head of Sales at SaaS Academy, and mentoring 80+ software teams. In 2022 my track record caught the attention of a private equity firm, recognized my talent as an implementer of systems to scale operations, sales, and lead generation.

Now I'm eager to share my passion and expertise in scaling B2B businesses with you today. So if you're looking to boost your sales velocity and propel your business forward, I invite you to connect so I can learn more about your business and help you unlock the full potential of your sales team.

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