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07 July 2024

How to Reduce No Shows with Value-Oriented Reminders

Decreasing No-Shows with Value-Based Reminders


Are you tired of dealing with no-shows in your business? 


Do you want to ensure a higher conversion rate for your bookings? 


Look no further! In this article, we will explore the concept of value-based reminders and how they can help you reduce no-shows and increase the likelihood of your clients showing up for their scheduled appointments.


By continually reminding your potential clients of the value they stand to gain from a conversation with you, you create a compelling incentive for them to show up and engage with your business. 

The key is to sell the value effectively, both on your booking pages, in reminder emails, and even in calendar invites. 


By implementing value-based reminders, you can significantly reduce no-show rates and improve your conversion rates. Let's explore the practical steps to implement this framework.


Three Steps to Implement Value-Based Reminders


Step 1: Sell the Value 


The first step is to sell the value on your booking page. Next to the calendar, communicate the benefits the client will receive by scheduling a conversation with you. 


Use three bullet points to outline the key outcomes they can expect, as humans resonate well with information presented in threes. 


For example, these are the value-based reminders we use at SaaS.Expert:


In this FREE 30-minute Session we will...

✔️ Determine what is and isn't working in your business.

✔️ Uncover the #1 thing that is holding you back from growth.

✔️ Build a custom 90-day growth plan to scale faster than ever.


By providing these clear benefits, you entice potential clients to commit to the conversation.


Step Two: The Reminder Email 


The second step involves sending a reminder email after the booking is made. In this email, express your gratitude for their booking and reiterate the value they will gain from the call. 


Summarize the key points you mentioned on the booking page, reinforcing the importance of their presence and the insights they will receive. By reminding them of the value they will receive, you reinforce their commitment and increase the chances of attendance.


Step Three: The Calendar Invite 


Lastly, make use of the calendar invite as an opportunity to reinforce the value-based reminders. 

Incorporate the three-point agenda directly within the invite, highlighting what will be covered during the call. 


This serves as a final reminder for the client, ensuring they understand the value they will receive from the conversation. By making it a prominent part of the agenda, you emphasize its significance and increase their anticipation.


Start leveraging the potential of value-based reminders to revolutionize your booking process today!



The Debrief…


Implementing value-based reminders in your booking process can significantly reduce no-shows and increase conversion rates. 


By consistently selling the value of booking a call with you, you create a compelling reason for clients to show up and engage.


Remember to highlight the benefits on your booking pages, send reminder emails emphasizing value, and incorporate value-based reminders in your calendar invites.


As you implement these strategies, watch your no-show rates drop and your business thrives. Embrace the power of value-based reminders and unlock the true potential of your bookings.



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