Wendell Scott:

Fractional CRO and SaaS Growth Advisor

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How I Help B2B Companies Grow

For the past 5 years, I've been implementing best practices from some of the leading SaaS companies, turning them into actionable playbooks and systems to help you grow your team, customers and revenue.

Working with SaaS.Expert means you will...

Get Actionable Steps to Achieve Your Goals.

If you don't know where you're going, than any road will take you there. I sit down with you and your leadership team to map out your 3-year vision, break it into 1-year goals, and reverse engineer a step-by-step Strategic Game Plan.

Install a Client Acquisition Engine.

If done properly, your marketing will help millions more than your product ever will. I will show you how to create an automated Client Acquisition Engine™ that nurtures your prospective clients until they're ready to reach out.

Build a World-Class Sales Team.

If you or your team is struggling with converting conversations into new business, then I will help you build a repeatable sales process, training program, and even help hire top performers so you can build a sales team that predictably hits their quota.

How I Was Able To

Sell Over $11M in 3-Years...

We’re on a mission to to help 1 Million B2B Companies Grow.