Time Management


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Time Management

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Tired of feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin as a CEO? 

Are you juggling dozens of projects, feeling like it's impossible to get ahead?

Say hello to your new best friend, because the Time Management for CEOs course will show you practical strategies to get more FREEDOM back in your day, without the wheels falling off in your business. 

In this course, you'll learn all about:

  • Executive Planning Skills
  • Remote Team Operating System
  • Calendar Design & Delegation
  • Inbox Design & Delegation
  • Hiring an Executive Assistant

 Say goodbye to feeling stressed and hello to a new level of productivity! 

Course content

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Wendell Scott

Wendell Scott

VP of Growth

Course Instructor

SaaS Growth Strategist, Sales Coach, and Entrepreneur with a track record of excellence in the SaaS world. Wendell gained experience by working with with the #1 B2B SaaS Coach in the industry (by revenue) and quickly gained notoriety as the top sales performer on his team. After selling over $10M in under 3-years Wendell started a Sales Coaching program and has gone on to consult and coach some of the top SaaS companies in the industry.