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Sales Masterclass

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“With great power comes great responsibility”

- That guy in Spiderman


If you're looking to build a team of high-performance sales reps (or become one yourself)… 

You could  try unleashing a bunch of venomous spiders on your team.

*Disclaimer: Don't actually do that.*

OR… you're probably better off enrolling them into this Sales Masterclass. 


Inside, you'll learn how to hunt for prospects, the art of persuasion, closing deals like a boss, turning objections into opportunities, and how to leave those "just browsing" customers in the dust…


By the time you're done, you'll have to change the name of your sales team to the Quota Crushers™.  


So, what are you waiting for? 

Sign up now and watch as your team transforms into the sales powerhouses they were born to become.


Just don't blame us when they start closing deals in their sleep!

Course content

videoSales Masterclass: IntroductionFree
videoCold Calls Start
videoPlaybook Start
videoSell By Chat Start
videoPlaybook Start
videoIntro to Social Media Prospecting Start
videoLinkedin Profile Builder Start
videoBuild a Lead Magnet Start
videoViral Post Start
videoAutomated Group Grower Start
videoHashtag Hunter Start
videoPiggyback Pipeline Start
videoAsk for Advice Start
videoPlaybooks Start
videoEmail Marketing Start
videoPlaybook Start
videoIntroduction Start
videoSpeed to Lead Start
videoResource Start
videoRevival Email Start
videoCustomer Referrals Start
videoNewsletters Start
videoChallenge Funnel Start
videoSmile & Dial Start
videoPlaybooks Start
videoResource Start
videoSales Process - Intro Start
videoSales Process - Agenda Start
videoSales Process - Why Us? Why Now? Perfect Customer. Start
videoSales Process - Reality Start
videoSales Process - Results Start
videoSales Process - Roadblocks Start
videoSales Process - The Turn Start
videoSales Process - Demo Start
videoSales Process - The Offer Start
videoPlaybooks Start
videoObjection Handling Start
videoPlaybook Start
videoThe Follow-up Formula Start
videoPlaybook Start
videoSales Cycle Condenser Start
videoSales Cycle Condenser Playbook Start
Wendell Scott

Wendell Scott

VP of Growth

Course Instructor

SaaS Growth Strategist, Sales Coach, and Entrepreneur with a track record of excellence in the SaaS world. Wendell gained experience by working with with the #1 B2B SaaS Coach in the industry (by revenue) and quickly gained notoriety as the top sales performer on his team. After selling over $10M in under 3-years Wendell started a Sales Coaching program and has gone on to consult and coach some of the top SaaS companies in the industry.