Escaping Founder Led Sales


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Escaping Founder Led Sales

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Can't you feel the adrenaline pumping? 

Heart is racing. Mouth is dry. 


You're not jumping out of an airplaneā€¦

Your wife is calling because you're running late for dinner and stuck on another sales call. šŸ˜­


If you think you're the only one that can sell your productā€¦

I hate to break the news, but you're not THAT special. 


You just need to adopt the 80 to 100 ruleā€¦

80% completed by someone else is 100% worth it!


Let me show you how to take the real plunge, and escape founder-led salesā€¦

ā€¦without  taking your foot off the gas of growth!



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Wendell Scott

Wendell Scott

VP of Growth

Course Instructor

SaaS Growth Strategist, Sales Coach, and Entrepreneur with a track record of excellence in the SaaS world. Wendell gained experience by working with with the #1 B2B SaaS Coach in the industry (by revenue) and quickly gained notoriety as the top sales performer on his team. After selling over $10M in under 3-years Wendell started a Sales Coaching program and has gone on to consult and coach some of the top SaaS companies in the industry.